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Maintenance frequency cross-map register

Maintenance frequency cross-map register
Content Summary:
The Register contains the cross-mapping of the terms and the concepts included in the two following vocabularies: the code list MD_MaintenanceFrequencyCode given in ISO Standard 19115 published in this Registry (, as reference register, and the MDR Frequency Named Authority List (, as operating register. The cross-map register is based on the ISO Standard 19146. For each cross-map entries, the following elements are provided: the reference term (corresponding to the label) and its URI; the operating term, its URI and its domain; the definition of the operating term; the term and concept relationships referring to the values defined in the mentioned ISO Standard 19146.
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Control body:
AgID-ISPRA-MATTM Coordination Group
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Cross-map entries

Label Reference term URI Operating term Operating term URI Status
Continual continuously updated Valid
Daily daily Valid
Weekly weekly Valid
Fortnightly biweekly Valid
Monthly monthly Valid
Quarterly quarterly Valid
Biannually semiannual Valid
Annually annual Valid
As needed Valid
Irregular irregular Valid
Not planned Valid
Unknown unknown Valid