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ICT professional profiles register

ICT professional profiles register
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The Register contains the main information (label, description and mission) of the 23 second generation ICT professional profiles (defined in the Italian technical norm UNI 11621-2) and of all the third-generation professional profiles, including those ones in the field of geographic information (defined as specialization in the technical norms UNI 11621-3, UNI 11621-4 and UNI 11621-5).
Agenzia per l'Italia Digitale
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Agenzia per l'Italia Digitale
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AgID-ISPRA-MATTM Coordination Group
Agenzia per l'Italia Digitale
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Second-generation professional profiles- UNI 11621-2

Label Status
Account Manager Valid
Analista di Business Valid
Business Information Manager Valid
Chief Information Officer (CIO) Valid
Amministratore di Database Valid
Sviluppatore Valid
Specialista di Media Digitali Valid
Enterprise Architect Valid
ICT Consultant Valid
Manager Delle Operazioni ICT Valid
Manager della Sicurezza ICT Valid
Specialista della Sicurezza ICT Valid
Docente ICT Valid
Specialista di Rete Valid
Capo Progetto Valid
Manager dell’assicurazione Qualità Valid
Operatore di Help Desk Valid
Service Manager Valid
Amministratore di Sistemi Valid
Analista di Sistemi Valid
Architetto di Sistemi Valid
Technical Specialist Valid
Specialista del Testing Valid